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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blondes: Have More Fun

Ah, summertime.

A time for adventure.

A time for romance.

For fantasy.

And, who among us has not at some point or another lusted for just one night with a Blonde?

One with character, with flair, that certain "je ne sais quoi."

One that makes the eyes water and the belly burn with desire.

One whose head is wreathed with heaven's clouds and flaunts a full body that would make a bishop blush.

Put simply, the drop-dead gorgeous archetypal Blonde.

The Cannon Brewpub has but one question: why settle for one night? On tap now, at the peak of the white heat of summer, you can get your hands on a Bibb City Blonde whenever the spirit moves you. And considering your chances of hooking up with an actual living, breathing blonde, you might want to go ahead and join the Mug Club. It's going to be a long summer.

Sweet dreams!

Good night, and good luck.

~ management

Monday, April 13, 2009

Introducing the Cannon Gift Card, Ask Your Server

Just about everyday is somebody's birthday.

So the folks at the Cannon Brewpub have brewed up (forgive the pun) an easy way to buy a gift for that hard-to-buy-for beer lover in your life.

Available in any amount, the card is good for anything on the Cannon menu or giftshop, including Beer, Beer Mugs, Beer T-Shirts, oh yeah... and food too.

So, pick up a card or two and keep them in your wallet. The next time you forget a good buddy's birthday. Whip it out, and say, "Happy BeerDay. Have one on me. And since you're buyin'..."

~ management

Thursday, April 9, 2009

BREW NEWS: Amberversary Ale on Tap Soon (If not now.)

"Cannon Brewmaster, Hank Standridge, tapped his Dillingham Dunkel last March. A 4.5% ABV traditional German dunkelwiesse with pleasant banana and clove esters, it proved extremely popular on Georgia's rare March snow day." - reported.

Amberversary Ale on Tap in April
Hank's next seasonal is scheduled for mid-April, perhaps sooner. He's calling it, Amberversary Ale, to celebrate his first wedding anniversary on April 22nd.

"It'll be a 6.5% ABV marriage of my Red Jacket Amber Ale and Special 'Ops IPA. My wife fell in love with the Red Jacket before she fell in love with me. However, her tastes have grown into a seasoned hop-head since then. She's going to love this new beer."

~ management

Monday, February 2, 2009

New Seasonal Brew: 'Freedom Ale'

The Cannon is proud to introduce the newest addition to our lineup of seasonal brews.

Freedom Ale.

For you beer aficionados Freedom Ale is an "Old Ale", a term commonly applied to dark, malty beers that contain an ABV above 5%.

Historically, old ales served as a complement to the more mildly hopped, pale ales of the era. In some cases, old ale was a blend of young and old. The "stock ale", the brewery's very aged ale, was used to inject an "old" quality and acidity to the blend. Because of the time required for the aging process, some pub masters would buy mild ale, age it into old ale, and sell it at a higher price. But here at the Cannon you don't worry about high prices, you can get a mug of this great new brew for a great price AND enjoy a great meal at the same time.

Freedom Ale, our newest "old" brew available only at the Cannon Brewpub.

~ management

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Super Bowl Brew and Brick Fired Pizzas

Hey Super Bowl fans why not make the Cannon Brewpub your neutral field for the game, afterall what goes better with one of our craft made brews than a brick-fired pizza, some spicy chicken wings and a great football spectacle. We've got plenty of big-screen tv's and they'll all be tuned to the game, so you won't miss a play. And we'll keep your mug filled with your favorite brew (you won't have to miss any commercials on a trip to the fridge). The Cannon Brewpub and Super Bowl Sunday, February 1. Drink beer here and cheer.

~ management

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gift giving just got easy at The Cannon Brewpub

We all have friends on our Christmas list who are just difficult to buy for. But, here's a suggestion that'll make even your fussiest friends smile; a gift card from the Cannon Brewpub.

Tight budgets are not a problem, you can purchase cards in any amount AND they're redeemable for anything on our menu, including merchandise. So, instead of being remembered as a lame present giver, give a gift that will not only be appreciated, you might even get invited to enjoy it.

Cannon Gift Cards, they're guaranteed to fit any stocking.

~ Your Friends at The Cannon (Ask your server for details.)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Introducing: Chattahoochee Brown Ale

Take a look outside. Chances are you'll see the leaves beginning to change, coming down a crisp auburn blanket on the ground; pigskins arcing over freshly raked yards; cut wood quartered for the coming cold. Yes, fall is here: that wonderful time of the year where Mother Nature takes a nap while the gridiron gathers heat. In celebration of the tanned-tinged autumn wonderland our fair city is becoming, we proudly offer our new seasonal brew, the Chattahoochee Brown Ale.

Paler than a porter, yet more bronzed than a pale, our brown ale swirls with a hint of chocolate and a note of caramel. Originally brewed centuries ago as a beer that could be sipped on and savored by all, whether working class or elite, this is the quintessential "everyman" beer. So come all you Joe Six-Packs! Come all you aristocrats! Come down to the Cannon Brew Pub, mix, mingle, and rouse the rabble with this delicious ode to autumn and the ending of the year.

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