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November 9th, 2012

What’s In A Name? In This Case: BEER!!

The pub.

There is really nothing else like it in the world.

It’s not a nightclub or a tavern, a parlor or a bar; not a restaurant or a diner, a greasy spoon or a grill.

Because a pub – a good pub – is all of these places at once.

In the Commonwealth, when one goes down the pub, they go somewhere warm, friendly, familiar. A place with a cozy seat that suits their bum just right. A spot where the beer is cask-cooled, promptly pumped, and perfectly poured. They choose a pub not because it feels like a natural extension of their living room, but because it is their living room.

Since we opened our doors and our kegs to the public in 1999, our mission has been to be Columbus, GA’s “living room,” an ever-open hangout that would always welcome the warm, friendly, familiar faces like yours back time and time again.

So, since we’re all hanging out in “the living room,” let’s play a game!

What happens when you take our Red Jacket recipe, slam it with base malt and rye to make it high gravity, use high alpha hops, and add some bourbon and cedar to a body that is already an aged strong red? Our new seasonal! And it’s being tapped Friday, November 9th!! So, what do we call this new wonder brew? Well, that, my friends, is up to you!! Enter your suggestion for “Batch 998″ for a chance to not only name the seasonal, and win a CANNON MUG and a $25 GIFT CARD. So, put your thinking cap on, your drinking cap on, come down to the Cannon Brew Pub to try Doug’s new seasonal, and put your personal stamp on our Beer Board!

Alright! Let the games begin!



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