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March 9th, 2012

Am I Rye? Yes! Monday, March 12th 5:00

Our Pink Booted Brewer Heather McReynolds comes from a long line of beer makers. You could even say that beer is in her blood.

Though if you’re in law enforcement, we promise it is below the legal limit.

Heather recalls this bit of family lore passed down from her great-grandfather over dinner:

His parents hadn’t paid much attention to the whole Prohibition thing. They just kept brewing their personal line of delicious beer.

As so often happens, the Feds caught wind of the wort and came a calling. The Man destroyed what they found, asking Heather’s great-great-grandmother if her family was into distribution, the implication being they’d be back if the answer was in the affirmative.

Her reply: “We don’t make enough to sell- we drink it all too fast.”

Heather’s great-grandfather told a lot of tall tales over dinner. He also always ate rye bread with his nightly meal. Something that always stuck with her; always made her think of him.

That’s why the new Cannon Spring Seasonal is her dedication to him – T’s Rye Pale Ale.

Rye, you say?


Rye is becoming popular again in the craft beer world. It’s use in brewing began in medieval Germany and this seasonal brew is a nod to that tradition with the use of only fresh German rye, barley and hops.

Only T’s Rye Pale Ale’s complex aroma matches it’s inviting yellow-orange hue. The brew’s bouquet is that of grainy spice and mellow hops, with some subtle earthy tones.  Flavor wise, the brew tastes of bready, grainy notes with a subtle kick of rye and hop spice.  The German hops used in the brew, Northern Brewer and Tettang, add a unique hop profile that’s unattainable by American hops, and is the perfect accompaniment to a warm March afternoon on the patio overlooking uptown Columbus.

T’s Rye Pale Ale pairs well with most of our menu.  For starters, try it with our Drunken Mussels for a refreshing complement.  For your main entrée, try pairing it with our Blackened Chicken Pasta, a Cannon Cheese Burger, or the German-inspired Pretzel Ham Melt.

So, join us Monday, March 12th at 5 o’clock here at the Cannon to celebrate T’s love of rye bread, the McReynolds’ family wry wit, and the resurgence of the rye grain in the brewing arts with a pint of T’s Rye Pale Ale.

Unlike Heather’s great-great grandmother, we make enough to sell.

But don’t wait too long.

Because like Heather’s great-great grandmother, we drink fast.



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