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February 2nd, 2012

You Know What Would Be SUPER? A BOWL of Beer Soup…

There is something going on this Sunday, but we can’t really say. We’d like to reference this massive sporting event, but it takes so much pride in its brand that it will track down any and all business promotions that are deemed to be brandishing their trademark for “unauthorized commercial use” and sic Ndamukong Suh on them.

Needless to say, getting stomped by a “boy named Suh” doesn’t appeal to us in the least, so we’ll just refer to said Sunday as “the Big Game” and trust your deductive reasoning hasn’t been dampered by copious amount of “Kicks In The Berries.”

So, what do you plan on doing for “the Big Game?”

Before you answer that, consider the hassle of buying what would amount to your family’s weight in snacks, cooking finger foods for your rowdy friends, and then after the final commercial rolls and the Lombardi Trophy has been raised (that last reference may get us a “Cease & Desist”) looking forward to cleaning up the morning after.

Now, imagine a magical place with seven HD TVs all tuned into the Battle Between Foxborough and the Big Apple, the best Bowl spread you’ve ever grazed on, and, above all, beer, beer, beer, beer, and more beer.

Wings? We got ‘em. Pizza? How about the best in town! And beer? Do you even need to ask?

It should be clear to see, even with a mild concussion, that the Cannon is the *perfect* place to spend a super Sunday (see what we did there?). Whether you are feeling patriotic or are looking to stand on the shoulders of giants, there is a table for you and your team here at the Cannon Brew Pub.

Set! Hike!


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