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January 26th, 2012

Care For A Kick In The Berries?

2012. This much buzzed-about year has finally arrived. And we here at the Cannon Brew Pub are buzzing, too.

Not because of the Mayan Prophecy.

Not because of a certain election we’ve been hearing about in the news.

Nor yet another Super Bowl featuring the Patriots.

No, we’re buzzing because this year the Cannon will grow in ways not seen since opening our doors back in ’99 to the best beer drinkers in the Southeast.

Well, either that or the fact that we just got to sample Heather’s newest seasonal, Kick in the Berries.

Wow. It would be easy to get carried away with this porter. Our Pink-Booted brewer found inspiration in the delicious pairing of chocolate and dark fruits, blending plenty of authentic British chocolate malt, a bit of hops for balance, and over 50 pounds of fresh blackberries, raspberries, and cherries into her new brew.

And yes – it tastes as good as it sounds. But wait until you see it! At first glance, Kick in the Berries looks like most porters with its rich, deep chocolate color.  However, holding it up to the light, you can also see a shimmering shade of deep red.

Aroma, you ask? Oh, yeah. It’s got that, too. When you bring the pint to your lips, you’ll notice the deliciously dark fruit scent right away. Get your nose deep enough into Berries’ bouquet and you’ll also sense the slight bready, roasted, and apple-ly aromas as well.

Perhaps the most special aspect of this seasonal is its exceptional ability to pair with food. Sip your Berries while starting with an Uptown Flatbread appetizer. Grab another pint and tuck in to Mrs. Jeter’s Petite Sirloin or a Chuck’s Spinach Salad. And of course, it would easily pair with any dessert, but we’d especially recommend the decadent Chocolate Runneth Over.

So, are you up for a “Kick in the Berries?” Well, join us 5:00 Friday, January 27th for the tapping of this one-of-a-kind porter. We look forward to raising a pint with you and toasting 2012 – a year that promises to bring with it monumental changes, great growth, and a new hope for a brighter future.

Well, here at the Cannon at least.



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